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6 Things You Can Do To Start Going More Plant Based With Your Diet Today

The quality and longevity of your health may depend on it.

Sergio Ruiz
5 min readApr 7, 2022
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As a kid, I hated eating veggies.

And in college, nearly every meal I ate contained meat — consuming cans of chunky beef soup, turkey sandwiches, and frozen pepperoni pizzas.

I blame my roommate.

And in my ‘wanna-be’ bodybuilding days, I consumed as much chicken breast as I could afford.

But now, I’ve become more conscious about how much meat I eat in hopes of extending the quality of my life.

Not only that, but the price of meat has increased dramatically. Now is a great opportunity to cut back on expenses and focus on eating healthier.

Here are 6 ways to start going more plant-based with your diet.

Eat greens with every meal

For one week straight, I started by eating green veggies whenever possible. A typical day looked like this:

  1. For breakfast, I would mix spinach with eggs in the morning.
  2. Then I would add extra spinach to a protein shake.
  3. I had a salad for lunch and topped it off with whatever veggies I had in the fridge.
  4. I would have celery sticks or green apples with nut butter for a snack.
  5. Instead of eating greens I drink ice or warm green tea, depending on the weather.
  6. For dinner, I would have a side salad with my meal. Or stir-fried a variety of mixed veggies.

Challenging myself to do this for one week showed just how easy it is to eat greens with every meal with a little effort.

Plant-based protein powder

For years I used the same whey protein powder in my shakes. The problem is that whey is dairy-based and comes from cows. I started finding it less easy to digest.

So, to go more plant-based, I switched to Orgain. A plant-based protein powder made from various nuts, seeds, rice, and peas. It comes in chocolate fudge or vanilla. And the best part…



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